Travel in style for free

Chances are you have seen your friends travelling in First Class and you wonder how your friends can spend more than ten thousand dollars for a single trip flight in First Class.

If you want to travel on premium airlines such as Singapore Airlines First Class or Business Class, it does not have to break the banks. You can literally fly for free on premium cabins.

Learn few tricks here on how you can fly First class or Business class for free.

  1. Upgrade from Economy class

There is no guarantee you can be upgraded from Economy class to Business class. But there are few lucky individuals that get free upgrades on their flights. Some instances where you can get free upgrades; Economy class is already full and oversold, so they bump last few passengers to check in to a higher class cabin. This is a rare occurrence but do happens on a high traffic flight such as Singapore to New York, London to New York.

2. Collect miles from credit cards

Credit cards offer travel rewards, where each transaction earn points that can be converted into frequent flyers’ miles. Andy from thegoodmiles has been collecting points from credit cards and redeem First class tickets around the world. In his travel hack blog, he shows his reader how to earn miles and how he can fly on First Class.


For example his recent post, he notes that First Class ticket on Singapore Airlines from Jakarta to Hong Kong costs only $16. He admits that he sits on First Class and paying less than what people behind (Economy class) is paying. In his other posts, he shows how we can earn miles quickly and legitimately. Do check out his blog.

3. Go Gold or Platinum

Credit cards come in different variety to suit different type of audience. Typically the travel credit cards come in few perks. Some of the perks include access to premium airport lounges. These lounges are normally reserved to Business or First Class passengers. So even if you are travelling on Economy class, you can use the premium lounges simply by showing your travel credit cards. Be sure to check prior to flying.


Flying in premium cabins can be enjoyable and brings comfort in flying. However, flying First Class does not mean you have to go broke. Long gone where you have to pay full fare for premium cabins flights.


Best Travel Review of 2017

If you are planning to travel overseas, chances are you need to compare airline tickets and hotels. Don’t get stuck with only one option. There are plenty of travel comparison sites that can help you book a better deal, whether it is airfare or hotel rooms.

Without further ado, here are the top recommendations when comparing airline tickets and hotels.


Recently acquired by Blibli (Djarum Group) for undisclosed amount, can help you compare ticket prices for airfares, Train tickets and Hotels. They always have current promotions or credit card deals. So be sure to check out the current promotions first before booking.

You can book through website, mobile app and mobile site.

2. Traveloka

My personal favourite is Traveloka. I like it for the seamless experience. You could book airline ticket with just few taps (or clicks). It takes you less than 5 minutes to book through Traveloka. All you need when booking a flight is flight origin and destination, departure date, number of passengers and cabin class. It will show flights from Low cost carrier to full service airlines. Currently you can book Airasia, Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air, Garuda Indonesia, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines ticket through Traveloka. You can also sort flights by price, hour of the day and number of transit. You can get your ideal flight easily and save you a lot of time.

3. Booking

Globally, is one of the largest travel site. It is well known for its variety of accomodations, ease of use and secret deals for members only. Their app has the highest user rating, close to 5 stars by a lot of satisfied customers. You can almost find any type of lodging that suits your preference; whether it is luxury stay, budget, hostels, etc. Even in the remotest area, you will be surprise to find the accomodations on


Pro tip. When booking hotels/ flights, always shop around and compare. You can easily save hundreds of dollars.